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About Me

My name is Michael Kenneth Robert Rogers, or MKR2, and I have been directing and lensing commercials, branded content and documentaries for over 20 years. 

With a wide range of content interests, my goal in every project is to find and pull out the core elements of what make good stories, good - the idea that real life is more nuanced, more raw and more unique than the storyboard you have in front of you, so I keep my eyes open and build stories from listening, watching and editing.

Dance women.jpg
Dance women.jpg


My great grandmother once said,

"The camera only takes what it sees,"

- and so I try and take photographs and videos that capture the beauty the world has on offer.


If there's any truth to the phrase 'a picture is worth a thousand words', I hope that what I do with my images and through my stories allow audiences to connect on a deeper level with the topic on display, even if that depth isn't exactly 1,000 times more. 

Tokyo Skyline with reflections. Loving this crazy city.jpg
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